Where Did the Idea Come From?
The idea has been discussed for a long-time in the County. An ad hoc organizing committee started to work in June 2011, culminating in a public meeting in November 2011 where 31 people voted unanimously to proceed.

What’s the Reason for a Local Station?
Prince Edward-County is a unique, diverse island which includes a wide variety of different communities. 99.3 County FM will play an important role in the ongoing development of the County by enabling the various communities to learn about and from one another. It will also support the local economy by providing a cost-effective vehicle for local businesses to reach residents and tourists. 99.3 County FM will be the only radio station exclusively focusing on the County.

What Kind of Station?
99.3 County FM will be a community-owned, not-for-profit “over-the-airwaves” FM radio station which will reach all the wards in the County with a 3,000 watt signal.

What Will The Station Offer?

The programming will serve the specific interests of County residents and visitors including: programming which showcases local musical talent; interviews of long-time County residents to capture their unique experiences and stories; summertime programs for tourists to let them know what’s going on; public affairs programs which deal with important local issues; timely information on local weather, funerals, and community events; news from the wards; etc….something for everyone in the County.

Who Will Decide How It’s Run?

A not-for-profit corporation (“Prince Edward County Radio Corporation”) has been set up with a membership of over 300 local residents. A strong board of directors with significant radio and business experience has been elected to oversee the launch of the station.

Who Will Do The Work?
Although the type of work involved will be different during the start-up phase and the operating phase, most of the work will always be done by volunteers. During the current start-up phase, volunteer teams will be need to work on the planning shows, training hosts, designing and building the studio, fundraising, etc. Once the station is up and running, the priority will shift to producing and delivering programs over the air.

How Much Money Will Be Needed?
The station will require $150,000 in capital to get on the air. Most of that will go to pay for the transmitter and related FM broadcasting equipment where high power equipment is needed to reach the whole of the County. For everything else, we will make do wherever we can with used equipment either donated or purchased at a bargain price.

Where Will The Money Come From?
The station will depend on individuals and businesses in the local community for its funding. Initial capital funding to purchase equipment and get the station off the ground will come primary from local business sponsorships and individual donations. On it is up and running, day to day costs will be paid for by advertising and donations.

How Long Will It Take to Get Up and Running?
The station’s license was approved in January 2014. Approximately 9 months will be needed to raise the money, build the studio, install the transmitter, finalize the programs, train the volunteers, etc. With strong support from the community we hope to be on the air in the early fall of 2014.

What Can I Do To Help As An Individual?

You can become a station member. You can volunteer. And you can donate to the “Community Radio Fund” administered by the Prince Edward County Community Foundation and get a tax receipt for any contribution over $20.

What Can We Do As A Business?
Your company can provide much needed support for our start-up (capital) expenses by becoming a business sponsor. In addition to helping our community, sponsors will get real business including regular on-air sponsorship messages to raise awareness among residents and visitors and discounted rates for radio advertising for a year, in addition to other forms of recognition.

How Can I Learn More?
For further information on donating, sponsoring or getting involved, see our Contact page.